The Wonder of Homemade Shower Cleaner

It all started HERE. Andrea, over at Simple Organized Living featured a post about homemade soap scum/shower cleaner.
 Since I was again, on the quest to be even more cheap frugal than I already am.   It sounded pretty good.  It fit my basic criteria...cheap ingredients, few steps to make, and a tolerable smell. I do have some allergy issues when it comes to scents, so I'm not one who goes looking for heavily scented things.  Most, if not all cleaners that I've ever purchased from the store have made me sneeze...and sneeze...and sneeze.  Cleaning the shower and latrine is bad enough without having to stop every 45 seconds to blow your nose!

Let's say,  you did a search for homemade shower cleaners.  If you used Google, you would come up with at least 10 pages of results.  THAT is a lot.  I chose to take my search to Pinterest instead and see what I came up with there. This one that I chose turned up on Google and Pinterest.  It also didn't have cheesy pictures, which to me, is important. 
In all of the preparations that  I read about there were several common characteristics.  Vinegar, Dish detergent, Empty spray bottle, water.  

Some of them say to heat the vinegar to really hot, some say lukewarm...I chose to not heat mine at all.  Turns out, it works just fine.

Some say use equal parts vinegar and dish soap.  Well, that seems like a lot of soap...so I added about 6 oz. to my 16 oz. of vinegar

Some add baking soda, extra water, borax, or essential oils.  Ya, I got none of that, so we did without...and it works just great!

Some say to only use the original blue Dawn dish soap.  Well, I only use the original green Palmolive dish soap, so guess what?   I used that instead and it works just fine.

Some say to leave it on the area you spray it for 20 minutes to overnight.  Ya, I didn't do that either. However, it worked just fine.
I did, however, notice that if you leave the shower door open with the shower head projected at the open door, you will get wet. 

Since I was so over the moon about how well the cleaner worked on my fabulously evil shower doors, I decided to give it a go on the ever aging eyeliner stain on the toilet seat.
 Back in November, you may remember a certain incident that included Emily and waterproof eyeliner.
It just so happens that I was having a hard time getting some of the eyeliner off our wooden toilet seat. In fact, short of sanding it down and refinishing it, (which was not going to happen) I think I had tried everything! 
Fast forward to April and the newly discovered Homemade Shower Cleaner and we have success.  Normally, one would post a picture of their hard won cleaning success.  However, it seems a little wrong to post a picture of one's toilet seat on the internet.  Guess I'm just shy like that.

If you'd like to try making your own Homemade Shower Cleaner in the same fashion as mine, here is what you'll need...

1- Empty Spray bottle
16 oz. Vinegar (white distilled...the cheap stuff)
4-6 oz. Liquid Dish Detergent (NOT dishwasher detergent)

Mix and clean!

If you're wondering how it smelled... It smelled like vinegar and dish soap...not bad, but not like a field of fragrant wild flowers.  The next batch I make, I might add a few drops of Lavender oil that I have, but that is only if I can remember where I put it. :P

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